• Ipsa Raj

The growing menace of Piracy

The streaming sites noticeably found a boom in their viewership, however, it wasn't unbreachable and piracy found a way to creep in,and damage their monetization by uploading content on websites for free. The streaming as well as the silver screen, have always been a victim of piracy.

Piracy is the the unauthorized use of another's production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright.

Just as the nature of piracy is changing in light of the ever-expanding digital environment, so do the enforcement measures used to combat the threat. Effective guidance and tools used to fight digital piracy are still not in place.

Traditional copyright enforcement mechanisms and the remedies for intellectual property rights infringement currently available are poorly adapted to deal with the fast-changing nature of copyright infringements online. Such mechanisms suffer from major limitations. These mechanisms also do not provide a suitable and proper basis for balancing underlying societal interests and fundamental rights.

In-depth research is urgently needed into the new principles of regulation which will necessarily result from the use of digital tools and administrative measures which are already paving the way for new legal standards throughout the world. Effective enforcement in the digital environment can best be achieved through collaborative efforts on the part of copyright holders, content providers, and the public authorities, facilitated, where necessary, by uniform, voluntary guidelines.

As per WIPO.

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